Lange and Ruess - God weeps...

God weeps - I realize that was sorta abrupt.  When Karen came and told you she was pregnant, did you laugh at her?  Even before that, say when she hoped to make the volleyball team or something and didn't, did you chuckle?  Or how about you, when you talked with Roy at the funeral about life going cockeyed, did he just lean back and hee-haw?  I'm gonna roll the dice on all three counts and say no.

Sure, there's always some ninny cooking up semi-selfish plans, some days that ninny is me, but even then you've got someone trying to do something rather than nothing.  I've found most folks, like you and Rebecca and Karen and Aalim and Nora and Roy, even the Yiddish, are trying.  If God's sitting around laughing at all our tries and misses because he knows better or likes to be able to say see I told you so, then we're in quite a shitter.


I've had thoughts like that before.  Thank you for writing them.      

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  1. Anonymous8:16 PM

    i'm just reading right fast as you write it.