More Conversation with God

God: My, you're up early.

Me: (grimaces) Indigestion.

God: It was all that cheese.

Me: I knew it.

God: Are you sure you want to do this today? I mean, on your blog? You received some affirming words about our conversation yesterday. It might be tempting to try and copy-cat or even one-better it today. Or not try at all.

Me: Goodness, cuttin' to the chase early, Lord.

: Well, you're up and I'd hate for you to start the gift in fear.

Me: (takes 2 Tums) Please have mercy. I'll let this be what it is.

God: I am. And yes, let it be. So, what are you thinking about right now?

Me: (hesitates)

God: John?

Me: I'm thinking about a movie I saw last night. But then a part of me thought I should be thinking about Lent or Rwanda or something.

God: (laughs) I thought we weren't going to one-better this? This really only works if you tell the truth. Rachel Getting Married - I saw it too. And?

Me: Do you remember the part where Anne Hathaway's character lied in rehab and her sister found out and confronted her with the recovery-only-works-if-you-tell-the-truth speech? Wait...Lord, you just said that, right?

God: I remember. And yes, I did. I'm glad Anne received that Oscar nomination.

Me: (grins) Me too.

God: Nice moon out this morning. I love these conversations we have.

Me: (tears) Yeah, me too.


  1. That movie is on my, if you and God have seen it--it must be good! ;)

    Such enjoyable, relatable and honest makes me want to talk to Him more.

  2. this resonates, i believe, because of its elegant simplicity.

  3. Thank you for describing what an early morning looks like. My brain doesn't function at that hour, and God and I have a little understanding that He can commune with "those people" before I get up.

  4. You made me cry.

  5. The cool thing is that it really is that easy. He is that approachable.

  6. I'm not new to the Shame, I've quietly been enjoying my drink from the corner booth for some time. I think it's time I tip the keep and let him know how refreshed I feel. Thanks, John

  7. I'm just gonna grab the mike and do a groupie here, alright? Tiffani, as always, thank you! Gretchen, "elegant simplicity" - could be my new credo. Carpoolqueen, keep sleeping in; other than "those people", there's not much going on that early. Rich, that's saying something. Shanda, thanks for using the word "easy" - it really is. Chris, thanks for stepping into the light. Glad you've enjoyed the drinks.

  8. Anonymous3:05 PM

    Thanks John for sharing your conversations with God.