Conversation with God

Me: Mornin', Lord.

God: Mornin'. Nice moon, huh?

Me: Gorgeous and full; you know I like that.

God: I do know that.

Me: A Southern Baptist pastor was shot the other day, I believe while preaching. Folks thought it was a skit, but it wasn't.

God: Yes, I was there. It wasn't a skit. Blood was shed. Children's eyes were opened too soon.

Me: Is heaven richer now, with Rev. Winters there?

God: Earth is poorer.

Me: Yes, that's what I thought too.

God: You know, I heard you, when you prayed for your friend, the one looking for work.

Me: He's a good man, Lord. George-Bailey-good. He'll be a father soon too...well, you know that. Please help him, Lord.

God: I am.

Me: Lotta church folk asking isn't there more? these days.

God: It is not that what is isn't enough, for it is; it is that what is has been disarranged, and is crying out to be put in place.

Me: Mercy, that's good.

God: (Grins) I can't take direct credit for those words; they're from Madeleine, as in L'Engle. She's here, you know. Heaven is richer.

Me: (Grins)

God: You've got a birthday coming up, right?

Me: (Grins wider)

God: Forty-two years. My, my...

Me: When you knit me, did you know everything that was going to happen?

God: (a tear falls) Mostly. But my knitting is not as you knit. (divine pause) Is there anything you'd like for your birthday? I mean, if you're going to ask somebody, then...

Me: Well, a new ball cap would be the berries. The one I've worn for eight years now needs to be retired. It's got some Southern Baptist missions logo on the back; I believe a missionary gave it to me.

God: You've got a decent memory. You've been on quite a crooked little path, but Southern Baptist - that's where you cut your teeth, right?

Me: (a tear falls) life's been richer for it.

God: (Smiles) Your welcome. It's a wonderful life, John. I'll be with you today.

Me: Thanks. Amen.


  1. about a whole series of these?

    ...and thank you!

  2. I comment for fear of being a mere stalker, but there's not a whole lot to say. This is spirit altering stuff here. I reckon that's how he meant it to be.

    "Mercy, that's good."

  3. Love the simplicity of this post, John. We make prayer so complicated sometimes. I'm with Wes... How bout a whole series of these? Thanks in advance.

  4. simple and beautiful and powerful. thank you.

  5. Happy Birthday. Earth is richer for the 42 yrs.

  6. the pleasure here is always mine...thanks.

  7. Long time lurker, first time commenter.

    This touched my heart. I wish I were in touch with who I am enough to know exactly why.

    I think maybe the intimacy and familiarity of this conversation speaks to one of things I love best about the privilege of being able to be at home with the Creator of All Things.