In my own words

Once upon a day, something good from Nazareth, Jesus, came and John pushed him face-first completely in the muddy Jordan. As Jesus broke the river's brown coming up, the blue above tore and the Spirit flapped to him like a dove.

There was a voice out of the sky: My son, the loved one. You are my heart's delight.

Then the Spirit wrangled him, still dripping wet, into the dry margins where wild animals lived. Jesus was badgered by Satan forty days and nights.

The angels were close at hand.

Then John was handed over and Jordan's surface was stilled. Jesus tramped into Galilee announcing something good: It is time. God's reign is here. Now turn around and believe.

Mark 1.9-15


  1. could please start with Genesis?!

    I'd totally read the JDB Version of the Bible ;)...

    I loved this.

  2. see I got so excited I forgot the word "you"...

    must edit my own comments, y'know.

  3. It's a good thing...I'm feelin' a little Matt.11:28-30 needy right now.

  4. The venue may have changed; but Isaiah 61:1-3 instantly came to mind...

  5. Anonymous7:27 AM

    We, too, are shoved, breaking brown, splitting sky and feeling the brush of the Dove's mighty wings. And oh, how the wild beasts are prowling and chattering. And tempter is tempting. Thank God for angels (messengers). I believe you are one of them, my friend.

    God's reign is here!

    Can you believe it?

    This was lovely, Juan.