A Little Bleasure

"Read. Find out what you truly believe. Get away from the familiar. Every writer, I told him, will offer you thoughts about writing that are different, but these are three I trust."
- Barry Lopez, About This Life

My girlfriend and I traveled to Seattle for a few days; a little business, a little pleasure - a bleasure trip. We had lunch at the Athenian Inn, where several scenes from Sleepless in Seattle were filmed. Our waiter's name was Cloud; we asked and that isn't his real name, but his stage name. There was a sign on the wall beside us showing two steins of Pabst Blue Ribbon beer: two heads are better than one.

As we walked the downtown streets, the cherry trees were in bloom. Simply brilliant. The tulips were just on the verge of a lush unfolding.

We went up in the Space Needle, up to the observation deck at 520 feet. As we came down in the elevator, a little boy started jumping up and down. The ele-attendant, a young girl who rattled off stats robot-like, said, "No, please don't jump." She was suddenly non-robot-like. This statement did not instill confidence in me, but then again, it did.

Later that evening, in our hotel room, we watched The Reader, the film for which Kate Winslet won an Oscar. It's about the illiteracy of future generations in regard to the Holocaust.

The air in downtown Seattle is filled with the cries of gulls.

We visited Mars Hill Graduate School, a place in the history of several of our friends. The helpful lady at the front desk asked, "Now you're not looking for Mark Driscoll's church, that Mars Hill?" I said, "No, we're not." Back at the hotel, I had looked up the school's website and read a blog post where Dan Allender noted he did not like the word "impact." I share his distaste for this word. It seems I am surrounded by believers wanting to make an "impact" on this world. I prefer to walk softly on the earth...


  1. Sounds like the "bleasure" was all yours (and your girlfriends)! :)

  2. "It seems I am surrounded by believers wanting to make an "impact" on this world. I prefer to walk softly on the earth..."

    I love how you break it down (for me) like that. Impact is all about Blackberries and Iphones and doing more and creating noise. Culture, really. I'm pretty sure walking softly, though much less fancy, is what God might like to see. We might hear Him better that way.

  3. While the heart behind wanting to have an "impact" can be good, I too find myself disliking the usage. I suppose it has something to do with the difficulty of separating one's pride, the need to strive, and the idea that they are the ones who are compressing the ground upon which they tread...each step is but a gift.

  4. ...well, you just had an impact on me. :-)

    ...you were within blocks of one of my favorite places to eat in the NW...amazing Asian food

    ...but, sounds like you and the girlfriend did well

    ...glad you had the time together

    ...will we get to do some coffee, or put some heads together before the 4th of July?