Matthew 5.1-12


The crowd was so large that Jesus decided to climb a hill. His friends followed him. He found a spot that looked right and got comfortable and started teaching. Here’s what he said:

“The lucky ones are those who bet it all on God’s kingdom. The payoff is a sure thing.

“The lucky ones are those who learn how to cry. As each tear falls, God whispers Courage, my child.

“The lucky ones are those who live gently on the earth. They realize everything’s a gift. Everything.

“The lucky ones are those who agree there’s more to life than food and drink and even being right. They fill-up on something entirely different – God’s goodness.

“The lucky ones are always praying Lord, have mercy. They know that without it, we’re all lost.

“The lucky ones look with the eyes of the heart. That’s the only way to really see God.

“The lucky ones stop trying to get ahead or tell a better story. God’s sons and daughters live lives of peace, at rest.

“The lucky ones have been and will be wounded for heaven’s sake. But God declares their scars beautiful.

“The lucky ones are usually the butt of someone’s joke or get blamed for all sorts of things that aren’t true. As odd as it sounds, those are occasions to be happy. God sees and hears and says Good job! God’s friends have been bullied since the world started turning. It’s nothing new; you could say it’s a family tradition.

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