Part Three - Tuesday

But he was silent and answered nothing.
- Mark's gospel

The facts say you were silent and answered nothing.
But the facts often have little to do with the truth.

The expectation is that a man will defend his position.
The facts say that we should always be ready "to give an account for the hope that is in us."
You never really live up to our expectations, do you?

Even today your poet tells us:
Nothing true can be said about God from a posture of defense.
It is the poet's job to tell the truth, but we don't "do" poetry.

We begin with a verdict that only evidence demands and work backwards.
The proofs only confirm in us our skepticism.
We still believe that talking is thinking.

You are as you were then. Standing among us. Still.
Defending nothing. Demanding nothing.
We diligently search the scriptures for "in them"...

As our fathers and our father's fathers, we will not tolerate a silent god.
We expect more.

Speak, Lord, for your servant is listening


  1. sorry to not comment about this post, however, i wanted to let you know how lovely and haunting your poem is at abbey of the arts. i wonder why you do not share it here? i am very glad you shared it there :)

  2. This touches me deeply. Perfect tonality.