Part Three - Monday

Then they took Jesus off to the high priest and all the chief priests, elders and scholars gathered.
Peter followed him far off right into the high priest's courtyard, sat with the servants and warmed himself by the blaze.
Now the chief priests and all the Sanhedrin looked for testimony against Jesus to execute him but they found none since many testified falsely against him and the testimonies were not the same. Some standing testified falsely against him saying "We heard him saying 'I'll tear down this Temple made by hand and after three days I'll build another not handmade.'" Even so their testimonies was not consistent.
Standing in the center the high priest questioned Jesus saying "Won't you answer anything these men testify against you?"
But he was silent and answered nothing.
Again the high priest questioned him and said to him "You are the Messiah, the son of the Blessed?"
Jesus said "I am and you shall see the Son of Man sitting at the right of Power and coming with clouds of heaven."
The high priest tearing his robes said "What further need do we have for witnesses? You heard the blasphemy. How does it look to you?"
They all condemned him worthy of death. Some began to spit at him, cover his face, hit him and say to him "Prophesy!" and the servants treated him to blows.
- Mark's gospel

Best supporting actor: The high priest. Usually overlooked by the Academy, this year he is considered a shoo-in, even by his fellow nominees (chief priests, elders, scholars). The tearing-his-robes scene gave a glimpse into those whose lips are orthodox but hearts are far, and his ability to ask questions that weren't really questions sets a benchmark. His years of playing bit roles in b-movies finally payed off.

Best original screenplay: "Many and some" - at least that's how they've come to be known. "Many and some" delivered a script which no one could make sense of; they are truly masters in the absurd. And taking a current hot topic like waterboarding and weaving it seamlessly into the flow of action minus the water? Genius. We all know that being relevant is the goal and they achieved it. However, reports have surfaced of late that there was another writer behind it all, but that almost seems blasphemous. "Many and some" will be around for years to come.

Best supporting actress: Peter. Stereotypes have made a comeback this year and Peter's portrayal of "the girl" reminds us of why we go to the stereotypes. When the moment needed a man's strength, his performance screamed: Don't look at me! I'm over here warming myself by the fire. He truly made us feel at home. Listen for his acceptance speech; it'll be the stuff of legends.

Best actor: I'm putting my money on Jesus. Some have said Too easy. He's won before. But I ask you Who is this man's muse, huh? I ask you, tell me! He had one line, one line, and bam! it nailed him. From now on, any time I hear the name "Jesus"? I'm thinking - "I am." Oh, the chemistry of those two little words! I get chills just thinking about it. Jesus' true gift was the physicality he brought to the moment, truly inhabiting the human frame, I mean, I truly believed he was the Son of Man. I know I've mentioned the waterboarding-minus-the-water scene earlier, but the quiet dignity that undergirded that picture? My, my. Tell me, how much worse could it get, right? Can you say Oscar? Jesus is off preparing for another role, so should he win (and he will), the "servants who treated him to blows" will accept the Oscar in his absence. He made those arrangements beforehand. His is truly a generous heart.

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