Old Harrison believes God's in everything;
the earth and its mountains are part of his body,
rivers and creeks are like blood vessels.
Young theologians dismiss such talk
with a wave of their bony forearms.

Ted Haggard believes today is his resurrection day;
that God wants him to start a new church,
the broken helping the broken.
Reporters dance around him like children
held in a piper's note.

BP's been ejaculating now for over forty days and nights,
staining the blue blood of God.
All the Queen's men peer the glass darkly,
arguing with black thunder.
The young and foolish speak of resurrection before death.


  1. My.

    Breathless. That is all. Your words stealing breath from the lung and peeling the eyes wide open.

    Yes, thank you.

    That is all.

  2. A theology dismissed, Haggard and the press dancing, BP and the Queen's men peering darkly -- in a just a few short lines you've captured the culture.

  3. Wow. I'll try not to be sad. But somethings are just...well...sad. And this was beautifully sad. You have such a gift.

  4. Ann, thanks for stopping by. Hope you and yours are indeed well.

  5. Glynn, yes, our culture does seem so reducible...thanks for your comment.

  6. Winn, an 'amen' from you is worth a 1000 pictures.

  7. Gretchen, you pegged it - 'sad' - that's what I was feeling when I wrote...