Holy Lost

'In the middle of my life I awoke in the dark wood where the true way was wholly lost...'
-Dante Alighieri

I'm of a certain age to retire 'round ten.
Midnight or two a.m.
are chimes in youth's green,
not the dark wood.
Tomorrow comes early.

Once I knelt and prayed the sinner's prayer
and I was saved, found.
But now, as a middler,
I rise to scatter Eliot's ashes -
'Teach us not to care.'

She says there's a lot of grey in your beard.
I say yes, there is.
He asks would you consider yourself a poet?
I take a deep breath and look away,
ticks of a man holy lost.


  1. The middle time is the time when the way seems easiest to lose. It gets better. Usually.

    Liked this.

  2. Thanks for sharing this. Depth in few words is hard to achieve. Much to mull over. :)