Monday thoughts...

  • Some folks were quite pleased with themselves when they got God out of the box...only hangup is they kept him on a leash and don't realize it...grace on a leash?..quite possibly the most ridiculous thing I've ever heard.
  • My Dad and Mom drove away this morning, back to Arkansas...before leaving they said 'I love you, son'...that got me through the day.
  • Some fella, JD Greear, got quoted on FB last week as saying: 'Judgmental self-righteousness is I'm good, you're bad; non-judgmental self-righteousness is deep down, we're both good; the Gospel is we're both bad, but God is good.'  I'm sure JD's a fine fella, but his semantics chap my hide...since when did 'we're bad' become good news?  Try this - 'we're broken and God's there, always, to pick up the pieces'...or 'we've fallen and God's there, always, to dust us off and say try again'...
  • Listening to Conway Twitty sing 'The Rose' at dusk with a Colorado breeze blowin' through the house is a fine way to ease in an evening.
  • Why is money so hard to come by?  As George Bailey told Clarence, 'it comes in awfully handy down here, bub.'
  • 'Fairy tales don't teach children that dragons exist, children already know that dragons exist, fairy tales remind children that dragons can be beaten.' - G.K. Chesterton
  • I gave up brown sugar in my coffee for Lent...this past week, in a forest primeval in the redwoods of California, I started putting in back in for Life.
  • I'm to preach this Sunday in the Lutheran church we attend...old Martin liked to drink beer and fart and was quite fond of grace...I should be o.k.
  • As my girlfriend and I left Big Sur, CA we stopped at the town's library sale...I found two Jim Harrison poetry books, good condition, .50 a'da thought I won the lottery.


  1. Good to have you back in the saddle, brother. I've missed your words. Wish I was there come Sunday to hear your, er, words.

  2. What do your kids think of you preachin'? I think it's kinda neat. So glad the trip was a good one.

  3. JD Greear who you quote is the pastor who came after me at the big NC church I wrote about in Lazarus. Interesting that you read that, as I did too and had the same reaction. Conundrum is that his church is now the mega of the mega. Telling people they are bad has an audience.

  4. Twin Spirit,

    Yep, good to be back...I'll try and give 'em the real stuff Sunday...

  5. Gretchen,

    Thanks for the prayers and wishes re: the trip.

    My kids seem cool with it...I guess...but there was that time I did the interpretative dance...

  6. Steve, you know 'mega' just means big, doesn't necessarily mean 'good'...fellas keep shoveling coal in the fire of self-hatred...itsashame...

  7. That's why I love Fairy tales, it reminds ME I can still beat the dragons!

  8. You should be ok on Sunday, I'm sure of it. I'd like to be there to listen in.