The Green Flannel Blanket

Early Saturday.
Her gesture was small,
such as one might miss.
(But I didn't)

She slipped softly away
but not before returning
what she'd stolen.
(As I played opossum)

So much depends upon your
wife covering you back up
with the faded green flannel blanket.
(And I know she still cares)


  1. You were playing possum? ;)

    Love you. Miss you! And thanks to you I know that so much depends upon the red wheelbarrow, glazed with rainwater, beside the white chickens.

  2. Oh how much better you are than William Carlos Williams, and I mean that from the pit of my heart.

  3. I love it most when you write about the great significance in the little everyday moments that are so easy to miss if we aren't paying attention. Good stuff.