Comfortably Numb...

I don't watch CNN as its not on the $9.99 per month cheapskate cable plan I'm on...even if it was, I wouldn't watch it.  As some of you know, I do not believe talking is thinking and CNN is a brilliant example of such.  But I was traveling one day last week and it was on every airport television screen from Denver to Newark.  So I watched it.

Here were the major headlines for that day:

  • Roman Catholic Church scandal - is it really a homosexual problem rather than a pedophile problem?
  • 'rape' video games - Japanese based games built around rape, domination, groping, etc...with the glorious gift of the internet, these games now have an alarming accessibility.
  • Sarah Palin's black-leather-zippered-support of John McCain.  Sarah literally looked like Trinity from The Matrix...McCain looked like a corpse.
  • a teenage suicide reportedly the result of bullying; kids 'didn't like her'...were 'jealous of her'...
  • Sandra Bullock's outlaw husband and Tiger's leap for redemption.
There was more news that day but these kept showing up, continuously.  And if we'd had eyes to see and ears to hear, there was a theme - human sexuality.  Sex was the thread that ran through each of those headlines, although the anchors continuously seemed lost in the trees of viewer tweets and email reactions.  Each story was treated as a separate thing; not once did the pretty people say 'hold on a minute, this is all about sex!'

There were also continuous commercials for drugs during the breaks - Boniva, Cialis...and so we exist in the year 2010, comfortably numb.  Hey, I'm thinking about getting one of those iPads...      



  1. Never really made the connection before. But, makes sense.

    (and, can I borrow your iPad?)

  2. It's a bummer b/c I really like that song. It's one of the only ones from the Floyd that I like.

    I hadn't noticed the sex theme, but pride is sure evident.

  3. John, how about the power? Power structures, abuse of power, misuse of power, false power, power creates the environment for things like sex to find its way sideways in this world.