This Week's Winner

Congratulations to Tim, winner of the beautiful sheep sketch and a signed copy of the book.  Tim's Christmas smemory (smell + memory) is "the sweet aroma of boiled custard that my grandmother always made.  If you've never had boiled custard, its kind of a sweet, thick milky/eggy substance, similar to egg nog, but not quite as spicy...I think my grandmother always added a little Jack Daniels to hers while we weren't looking..."

My, my...the things our grandmothers did while we weren't looking.  My Christmas smemory is the aroma of peppermint, as in candy canes.  We had an ornament that was basically a long piece of felt with 24 "ties" on it and a bell at the bottom.  Each "tie" held two candy canes and we'd remove them each day leading up to Christmas.  An-ti-ci-pay-aay-shun, you're making me wait.  If I try, I can smell the felt and kidding.

Tim, send me a note at and the sketch and book are yours.  Again, congrats!

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  1. Sorry we missed the signing. Got the book first thing, though, and did enjoy it so much. Keep up the good work.