Conversation With God

God: Sleep well?
Me: Good enough, I guess.
God: Your mind hasn't slowed in months...a lot going on?
Me: know.  Meredith's dad died this summer, then some great writing opportunities opened up, but it seems I'm never caught up at work, then the book released, and the kids were baptized, I'm not sure what happened to October, now I'm getting ready to leave to do some book promotion but I really don't have time to do that but I need to do that, and Christmas is coming up and I so want to savor those days...
God: That's a lot.
Me: But I know everyone around me is just as tired and so much of what's going on these days is blessed and I feel guilty...
God: I'm not sure guilt is going to help you any.
Me: Hard habit to break.
God: Chicago was a great group.
Me: (smiles)
God: You don't want to mess up, do you, John?
Me: No, Lord. (tears)  I so don't want to mess up.
God: (silence)
Me: (silence)
God: Teach me to care and not to care.
Me: T.S. Eliot?
God: Yes, great writer.  Those were inspired lines.
Me: I love those lines, but that's a hard prayer to pray.
God: It's a grown-up prayer.
Me: (silence)
Me: These are grown-up days, aren't they?
God: Yes, John...pull down that Fairchild book and read those words you've underlined.
Me: ...and it is so bright now, you can hardly bear it as it fills the door, this immense glacier of light coming on, and still you do not know who you are, but here it is, try to remember, it is all beginning.
God: Try to remember, John.  By the way, I like your book.
Me: (smiles)
God: You better get moving...there are a lot of people who need you today.
Me: I know.        


  1. God likes Chicago?! Cool beans!! ;)

    I love it when you write this way...

    (any way, really, but this particularly)

    Because conversatin' is great way to know Him and know ourselves

    Grace to you, my friend!

  2. I so don't want to mess up, too. Or should I say, "either"?


    I'm sure you both know what I mean.

  3. Love it that God has a better sense of humor than me!!!

    btw, your guilt sounds a bit like mine ....

  4. Love this. "These are grown up days" love that phrase. these sure are grown up days with all the joy and pain that that brings. Great post.

  5. I love these posts, to really imagine a conversation with God. It's absurd, and it's truth.