Today's Winner Is...

It's Friday.  Giveaway day.  I'd love to gift you with the leg lamp, I really would, but for today it's a signed copy of my book and a bag of Dirty Shame blend coffee.  The first winner in the 12 weeks of Christmas book-and is Brenda.  Here's a snippet from her comment:
What a fun giveaway...My all-time favorite song is Oh Holy Night sung by Sandy Patti. We had the privilege of seeing her live at a Christmas Concert. Just the day before she had to have emergency gall bladder surgery. Most of the other performers were all dancing around the circular stage. All she could do was stand by a stool and hold on...

Thanks to everyone who entered.  As I read through all of your fav-song choices, I prayed for you and yours.  I don't know if my prayers availeth much; my righteousness score is kinda low, but maybe they count for something.  And just so you know, my favorite Christmas song is Hark, the Herald Angels Sing as sung by Nat King Cole.

Make sure you come back and visit on Monday as I'll unveil the next gift in this crazy idea. Many will enter, one will win, all will be remembered to the Grace who keeps this world.  I know it's hard to wait until Monday, but like Sandi Patti at that concert, just hold on.  
Brenda, my email is  You can leave your mailing address there. Congratulations. 


  1. Well, congrats to Brenda...

    I'll try my hand again next week!

  2. Yay Brenda. Lurvely comment, too.

    I'll be back. Because I'm a stalk...because I want to see what's next. And thank you for praying over us.

  3. John, I actually had a leg lamp. My brother's idea of a great Christmas gift. I guess it was revenge for my Last Supper commemorative clock I gave him. If it didn't accidentally break years ago, I would regift it to you. And it even came in a box marked "fragile"!

  4. Oh sure John. I can just see God with His fingers in His ears when your talking ..... NOT.

    You can talk to Him about me ANYDAY and I will love you for it.

  5. We love our Nat King Cole Christmas CD - it's almost time to pull it out!!

  6. One of my friends gave those lamps as Christmas gifts one year. :)