This Week's Winner, some gratitude, and a signing/sighting...

Kecia wrote: It's hard to pick one, but the first one that popped to my mind was a box of paperback books my brother gave me when I was about 10.  I thought I was in heaven. Congratulations, Kecia!! - now maybe in addition to those paperback books, you'll forever remember the Christmas you won a little hardcover book and a shirt and cap from BuffaloandCompany.  My, my.  I'll email you for some information and then we'll get this bounty on its way.

My most memorable gift?  A Lhasa apso puppy my brother and I discovered under the tree one Christmas.  We picked her (Lady) up and she peed all over the box she was in, but it was magical Christmas morning pee so we didn't care.  Lady slept at my feet for years.  She died after I had married and left home; I remember crying when I got the phone call.  Goodness...the richness of memory. 

Thanks so much for all your entries.  The fact that you took the time to jot down your most memorable gift means that, if only for a few moments, the helter-skelter of this world was paused and memory was stirred.  I like that.  I like that alot.  Be sure and stop in on Monday to find out what's next.  

Some of you are buying Touching Wonder: Recapturing the Awe of Christmas as gifts for your friends.  I want to say thank means more than you know...much more than you know. For any of you who reside in or near the Colorado Springs area, there's a booksigning tomorrow at Mardel's Bookstore, 5964 Barnes Road, from 1-3pm.  I'll be there with other authors from these parts; we'll be sitting around chewing the fat, signing some books, smiling, kissing babies, that kind of stuff.  I'd love to see you...I really would.  I'll be the one, the only one I'm pretty sure, with a beard and ponytail and Beagle hair on his shirt.  Yes, it is what it is.    




  1. I hear there will be M&M's. If it weren't for the three day drive to CO, I'd SO be there.

  2. Oh I wholeheartedly agree with CPQ!! I just think it'd be the bees knees to show up and see you!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    People in Atlanta like books, y'know?! I'll tell them to come and see you too!! ;)

    Congrats to Kecia!