Super Tuesday

Well, I know you haven't slept much since THE GYPSYS, TRAMPS & THIEVES GRAB'N'RUN began, but such is the nature of the gambling lifestyle, eh? Kinda exciting in a dangerous sorta way. I called my old classmate, Jimmy Paul, at Jimmy-Paul's-Jiffy-Lube, an oil change establishment which also has a random integer generator in the back, and he was happy to help. He poured a little used 10w30, along with your entries, in the generator and voila! - a winner we do have.

Since we don't allow drum rolls, too dramatic, at the Dirty Shame, let me turn up the volume on that Cher song for effect -
I was born in the wagon of a travellin' show
My mama used to dance for the money they'd throw...

Brings a tear to the eye, doesn't it? Our winner in THE GYPSYS, TRAMPS & THIEVES GRAB'N'RUN is Laure. Laure, I realize you're probably flat on the floor right now, hyperventilating; breathe, my friend, just breathe. Some days, you're just, well, lucky. Congratulations! I think you'll enjoy Winn's new book and I hope you'll tell others about it as well.

To the rest of you who screwed up the courage to play this game of chance, I salute you and sincerely thank you for being a part of the faithful few who gather at the Dirty Shame. It does mean more than you know, you stopping by to read my thoughts and all. It really does.

Pastor Mark pastorally queried: Well, where would a loser get the book? Those weren't his actual words, but pastorally speaking, that's what he wanted to know. First of all, you can get the book at for the fairest price anywhere. And secondly, we're all losers here at the Shame. The quote over the bar is from Will Campbell: We're all bastards, but God loves us anyway. That is the ground upon which this fine establishment sits and, well, somedays thrives.

Lucky Laure (o.k. if we call you that just for today?), if you'll send your mailing address to my email (, I'll send your book to you, all packaged nice and such. Grab'n'run and be happy! And Jimmy Paul, thanks for the random help; this world is not worthy of you.


  1. Congrats Lucky Laure!

    I'm still wearing my huge "hoopy" earrings today...

  2. Not so dang fast! We need to slow down and honor an American election day tradition: I DEMAND A RECOUNT! Just joshin'! Congratulations, Lucky Laure. Oh, and Shanda, them "hoopy" earrings look mighty fine. Time for me to get my geriatric butt off to work now. Later, y'all.

  3. Rich is my kind of loser... :)

    Recount! Recount! Do you hear the riot you started in Seattle, man?!!

    Blessings Laure.

    No really. Talons retracted. Blessings.

  4. Good least the book is available for the unlucky ones here too...losers that we are banded together and such.

    Yay, Lucky Laure...enjoy!

  5. one moment while i remove the brown paper bag from my face ... can't say which is worse, hyperventilating or breathing in eau de stale onion. either way, it's good being a lucky dog ... if only for one day.

    john and jimmy paul ... thanks for such a good aim. if you please, a signed copy from the three of you scally wags would be greatly appreciated. and yes, that means winn, you john and you too jimmy paul! that is of course if autographs are still free round these parts. and no, i'm not pulling your legs!!

    shanda, rich, gretchen and tiffani ... why thanks for the congrats. (rich ... as a former chicagoan, i understand exactly where you're coming from. be that as it may, there will be no recounts in this particular election.) if any of you aren't up for purchasing your own unsigned copy, i'd be most obliged to circulate mine just as soon as i've read it.

    well now, think i'll take my lucky dog self to my favorite watering hole and see if i can get a libation for free!

    it's good being a lucky dog ... whoof, whoof!