The Morning After

I wondered how scripture would greet me this morning, the morning after. This is what I found:
24 - Domini est terra
The earth is the LORD's and all that is in it,
the world and all who dwell therein.

I stood in line yesterday in small town Colorado for an hour and twenty minutes to vote. Everyone was cordial. I said yes ma'am and no sir to the election judges; their faces registered pleasure at those small acts of respect. They know the change has to begin there: small acts of respect.

The wait line was outside our town hall building and the morning air was a little too brisk for heavy conversation. I brought along Norris's Acedia & me to redeem the time. Two thoughts found my pen beneath their feet:
*Everyone believes in sin...what everyone does not believe in, as nearly as I can tell, is forgiveness.

*The culture may glorify people who do Pilates at dawn, work their BlackBerrys obsessively on the morning commute, multitask all day at the office, and put a gourmet meal on the table at night after the kids come home from French and fencing lessons, but...are these hyperscheduled, overactive individuals really creating anything new? Are they guilty of passion in any way? Do they have a new vision for their government? For their community? Or for themselves?

I kept wanting to read this stuff aloud while standing in line, stand up on one of the faded given-in-memory-of benches are orate. But I did not. Those words, I realized, were for me. The broad road is to orate, convinced that those in ear shot need to hear my words. The narrow way is to meditate, humbled that he with ears needs to hear: it's not about them first, but me. I realize that runs counter to the conventional evangelical wisdom - it's not about you - but that very perspective will forever and always keep evangelicals conventional. The spiritual life is always about you. The wisdom of those who predate the evangelicals have always told us this.

I was pleased when our new president hinted at that last night, in front of what I believe they call a throng. He said something to the effect of this is not about me, this is about you. This is not the change we seek, but the opportunity to change.

As we greet the morning after, are we, am I, ready for change to begin with me?

Scripture concluded with these words this morning:
26 - Judica me, Domine
As for me, I will live with integrity;
redeem me, O LORD, and have pity on me.


  1. Standing quietly in line...waiting for His pity and redemption...for me.

  2. What I used to believe was the narrow road has narrower paths still - those that one must walk in single file and not as a throng...

  3. well said, my friend.