Reader Profile Follow-Up

As I was re-reading the post below, it dawned on me (before the actual dawn) that it ended up sounding like a credo or something, the stuff of which movements and marches are made, maybe even the grounds on which to build a church or a kingdom. The words sounded all important-like. Then I looked down at my bare feet and realized I've forgotten to cut my toe nails lately and thought hell, a man can't be the leader of a major movement if he can't keep his toes neatly trimmed. The media would jump on that like a duck on a junebug.

Still, after reading, you may have thought where can I get a chartreuse rubber wrist band with SOM (Servants of Memory) on it? Or maybe what's the address I can send my donation to so as to further this high and lofty cause?

Shucks. Thanks. But keep you money, kids. If you want to do something to further the cause today, then call your parents or rent Cool Hand Luke or heat up some Campbell's chicken noodle soup or trim your toe nails or something. Let's not let this go to our heads. Keep it where it counts - the heart.


  1. Guessing the girlfriend's glad you cut those nails, too.

    Precious words, brother!