My Attempt to TwitterFace

I refuse to do that Twitter deal; sorry, but that's just too connected. And I haven't found the strength to jump on the Facebook train. I mean, is there even room on board? All those faces. My lord. Maybe this will suffice, for now, for today. You don't have to apply to be my friend. I'll take you as you are.

9 seconds ago - John finally finished Eat, Pray, Love by Elizabeth Gilbert. Next read? Jim Harrison's The English Major.

21 minutes ago - Verse that jumped off the BOCP: Psalm 106.45 - He remembered his covenant with them and relented in accordance with his great mercy.

29 minutes ago - I awoke to coffee already brewed. A new machine have I. Glorious. Mahvelous.

8.3 hours ago - John went to bed, after having hand rolled possibly two thousand sausage balls for his work breakfast this morning. He's hoping that he feels like going because he's been s-i-c-k (stuck in crappy karma) for several days; even his teeth ache. He's self-medicating with Advil, rest, and coffee.

25.7 hours ago - My parents drove away in the predawn light after spending the weekend with us. My mom said we're proud of you, John, as tears streamed her cheeks. My dad said Oh, it's been so good to see you, just to see you. I love these two people.

49.2 hours ago - John's family is on a let's-visit-all-the-churches-in-the-area-before-we-decide-on-oneapalooza. The choice for today was the local southern baptist church. It probably won't be "the one" but it was awkwardly refreshing, kinda country. All but one of this church's staff have left over the last two months, all for legitimate reasons, no scandals or anything. Those that remain are huddling close in survival mode, holding hands, praying, hoping.


  1. Lord, if I find one more thing to take me away from laundry, driving, making meals, and cleaning, my family will just about combust.

  2. Oh John, it would be neat to have you on Facebook. I have some things that have worked for me so that it doesn't dominate.

    Praying for you as you visit churches. I'm in that mode again too and this time it wasn't my choice. Hope to be able to talk to you at some point before too long.

  3. hi john. hoping this finds you feeling unsick.

    as i consider our own process of visiting church after church after church a few years ago, i feel sad.

    still today we do not attend church and again, i feel sad.

  4. Oh, don't knoch Facebook til you try it. It has caffeine.

    That church shopping thing...we've been doing it too. I have such mixed feelings. Sometimes, after being in an unhealthy place for so long before (me being the most unhealthy of all) I love that I am not even a greeter. Anonymously in and out - scarily refreshing. Then the old ache of community starts to throb...