Now git...

     Blue Duck smiled. "I raped women and stole children and burned houses and shot men and run off horses and killed cattle and robbed who I pleased, all over your territory, ever since you been a law," he said. "And you never even had a good look at me until today. I don't reckon you would have killed me."
     "He would have killed you," Call said, annoyed by the man's insolent tone. "Or I would have, if need be."
- Larry McMurtry, Lonesome Dove

"Dearly beloved, avenge not yourselves, but give place unto wrath: for it is written, 'Vengeance is mine; I will repay', saith the Lord."
- the Lord, Romans 12.19 KJV


My father raised me on a diet of the King James Bible and western movies. Those two elements were formative to the man I am. Crack open my bones one of these days and you'll find thou and begotten and the theme song from Shane; a strange marrow of mercy and justice. That's just the way it is. And as such, days like yesterday make my bones ache.

Sometimes - 'if need be' - there is a reckoning. In this world ye shall have Osamas and Blue Ducks, tribulation, that's just the way it is. But when the reckoning rises that scene must be framed by a mercy we the people mishandled Sunday night. Its alright, I believe it showed our age as a nation - still quite young. Nevertheless, even in our youth I believe we can reflect and mature for the next time...for yes, there will be a next time.

I cannot recall a single shoot-out where the prevailing aftermath was revelry. No, it was always a sigh of relief, a brief mending. My western heroes always paused in the gunsmoke of death with a knowing, a reverence for the weightier matters of justice and mercy, and also a knowing that there is none righteous, no not one. The soul of the offender was never judged, but rather his actions for damn sure. Then on the turn of a spur they walked into a temporally scrubbed dawn, a parades or prattle, just stepping aside so the town could get back to the essence of life - braiding a little girl's hair, planting tomatoes, cleaning the mirror in the saloon, sweeping the boardwalk, mucking out the livery stable, replacing the flowers in the cemetery, getting a haircut and a shave, maybe even axing a stump.

I pray that's what we get back to today, all of us.
Now git.




  1. I think this is the best written explanation for how I have felt. Of course, I realize after reading that I too was raised on the King James and Westerns, so that might explain your ability to strike the chord in me. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Thanks, James...and thanks for stopping by.

  3. Tammy, I sorta think there's a lot of us raised that gives me hope.


  4. Great post. And waiting for you to publish your Western.

  5. I absolutely agree! Watching the reactions of the people in front of the White House gave me the same feeling I used to get in my youth...that cringing feeling when someone you are with embarrasses you in public by acting like a moron. You pray that you are not assumed idiot by association.

    I am glad Osama is gone... I don't think he deserved any special regard as far as burial, but he's gone. Let's get on with our lives no longer having his existence on our shoulders.

  6. I agree, John! Love this post.

  7. Thanks, Larry...a western? now that's an idea w/merit.

  8. Bethany, thanks for taking the time to comment...I hope you and yours are well.

  9. Thank you, Deidre...Meredith says hello!

  10. Well said, and I completely agree. The celebrating was hard to I didn't.