From One Far Away...

She's getting the hang of email.
Oh she still prefers a phone call,
well actually she aches for 'in the flesh'
but we're so far away now.
She rarely begins a thread,
rather she replies to one I've started,
sometimes months ago,
just tacking on a hem -
how are the kids? or your dad and I are fine
or we're proud of you.

I've noticed a signature closing evolve,
sort of a finding-her-electronic-voice.
Now she always signs off Hugs, Mom.
Hugs - akin to the Norwegian hugga
meaning 'to soothe or console.'
Of late I've dreamt her an Old Norse mother
wrapped in reindeer hide, bent at the keyboard,
war-worn hands faithfully weaving
that two-word warmth, that telling affection
for those so far away now...Hugs, Mom.

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