The Sweet Return (6)

But these things happen.

The conversation had to do with the heartbreak in Japan. That phrase was the old man's contribution, along with the shake of his head: 'But these things happen.' The young turks turned and walked away, you saw them didn't you? The loud one called him 'a stupid old bastard.' But I stayed and shook my head along with him. His phrase was strangely comforting to me, Lord. His spavined words did not explain, but comforted. Funny that you promised to send the Comforter, not the Explainer. Oh how we prefer the latter, but you're insistent on the former.

When I was a younger man, I used to speak and reason like a younger man. But I am beginning to see now, now that I am not a younger man, that sometimes 'these things happen'...they just do.

Happy St. Patrick's Day, Lord.
Comfort us,


  1. John,

    The younger men are here trying to pick up the wisdom at an earlier age. These are good words. Glad you shared this prayer.

  2. Seth, you'll no doubt have to rummage around here to find much wisdom, but thanks for just never know what might turn up...