The Sweet Return (11)


It was my birthday yesterday, but you know that. Forty-four years, Lord. Forty-four years.

The perigree moon has been nothing short of brilliant. Thank you for the eyes to see it. I read where the last time it was this close to the earth was March 1993. I was twenty-six then, Lord, married for three years, and pursuing a Masters degree in theology so intently I no doubt had my eyes in a book instead of peeled on the horizon. I'm forty-four now, married with three kids, and pursuing a life of wonder. I didn't miss this one.

Thank you for my life, Jesus. The whole shebang, good, bad, ugly, all of it. I had a passel of family and friends send me birthday wishes yesterday. It meant the world to me, Lord, it really did. Some of them simply said 'happy birthday' which was more than sufficient for me, but some of them said they loved me and a couple even said they respected me. My, my. I felt like the richest man in Bedford Falls. Still broke, but rich indeed.

Thank you for my life, all of it.

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  1. If I had known, I would have joined the chorus, with gusto. I'm thankful for the strange ways friends enter our lives - and I'm thankful for friends who have the courage to live well. That's you, on both counts.