Secondhand stroke...

On Tuesday of this week, my wife's friend Joanne was running on her treadmill and suffered a major stroke. Joanne's young, fit, wife of one and mother of two, a writer, speaker, blogger, seminary student, sister and daughter. Whatever resolutions Joanne might have made for this new year have been trumped, just like that. The resolve, now, is living. Her husband is posting updates on her blog - the simple wife - that's the best and most accurate information. If you pray, please pray. If you light candles, this is such a time. And if you groan, as I do, there's room at my table.

On Wednesday of this week, I spent my lunch hour running on a treadmill. Whatever playlist I had prepared for that run was trumped, just like that. I could not outrun Sting's voice -
for all those born beneath an angry star/
lest we forget how fragile we are.

There are days in weeks when I simply do not understand this life...


  1. Yes...groaning with you both, John. So much...

  2. Praying in NH... and groaning as well.

  3. Praying in TN!!!

  4. Next week will be the 4 year anniversary since my dear friend's daughter suffered a severe traumatic brain injury. Annie will be 8 in April. Should be a 2nd grader. Instead, they're working on feeding, potty training, and walking with a walker--when she's not tired out from all her meds and seizures. She's the last one of 7. And they love her well. When the middle child of the family turned 18, much to his mom's chagrin (yet, pride of a full heart, I'm sure), he had Annie's name tattooed on his shoulder, along with Romans 8:38. He explained it by saying something like...even though Annie is injured, God is still good and he still loves us so much.

    I've been groaning a lot this week--but I'm choosing to stand in line behind this 18 year old kid.

  5. Gretchen,
    I choose to stand in that line too...I'm just standing in the back today...I'm waving to ya up there, thanks for stopping by and hanging on.

  6. nothing has spoken to me more than this post...I don't get it.

  7. Anonymous7:39 PM

    Life is precious and quite inconcievably fragile. My prayers for Joanne, her family and friends.