Rev. Walton had planned to share thoughts about the magi’s journey, but such schemes went awry when she roared:
To fight aloud is very brave--
But gallanter, I know
All eyes, especially Onceuponatime’s, focused on a female figure in the corner, standing, waving both arms conductor-style:
Who charge within the bosom
The Cavalry of Woe--
Eva Simpson delivered a palpable sigh that rippled through the moments-earlier-pastoral-scene. Jenny Parker quickly appeared with two aides and silently directed them to the commotion while she approached Rev. Walton. ‘I was on the phone earlier and neglected to introduce you to M. I’m sorry...’ As Jenny continued, Rev. Walton’s grandson moved to his side. Its not that Onceuponatime was frightened, far from it. Rather, he was charmed.

‘M is short for Emily, Mrs. Emily Cross. She came to us Monday, she's something else. Her brother helped her get settled, sweet man named Ben, so far he’s here every day at lunch and dinner. M has mid stage Alzheimer’s. Things get shady about sundown, like you might expect, but there are moments like these, every once in a while. She’s in room 305. I know she'd love a visit.’ With that summary, Jenny Parker smiled, turned, and walked away. Rev. Walton heard enough in Jenny's brief account, enough to give him a bearing on a lady he'd soon meet. Onceuponatime had listened too but really only heard one thing, one phrase, a gathering of words still fresh in the air – ‘once in a while.’   

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  1. I finally found time to come back here and read your story - is this the end, or did life just come in? I am so curious!