Special Providence

There is special providence in the fall of a sparrow...
- Shakespeare

Sometimes its hard to understand the drift of things.
Sources say she left a note, drove to the overpass,
parked her pickup, paused a moment to synchronize
with the oncoming bus below,
then jumped.

A forty-two year old sparrow fell twenty-five feet.
God watched as traffic rerouted.

Sources did say there were personal problems,
the loss of a business, friction with friends.
But sources didn't mention if her eyes were green
or if she wore a turquoise watch
or if she liked biscuits with honey
or dreamed of horses.
Or how long the sadness clawed.

Sources will eventually release her name.
But facts have little to do with the truth.


  1. Anonymous12:30 PM

    I was one of those rerouted souls the Lord watched that afternoon. I remember it was hot on the freeway and the multitudes of delayed who were kept from going about the drone of their lives were hot too. Selfishness does that. I don't suppose any one of us gave a thought to being watched or to the deadly sifting of that one precious woman.

    I'd like to think she had green eyes, John. Thank you for remembering her here.

    As to friction with friends. Will you forgive me my foolishness all those months ago when I misunderstood the man that you are and the heart you've been given?

    - Laure

  2. So heartbreaking. A dear family friend committed suicide a few weeks ago and the waste of it all tears my heart.