Lange and Ruess - A harder mysticism...

You wrote: Someone to listen while I try to remember how to breathe.  Lord that's beautiful, it makes me all warm in the anima, but what does it mean?  This from Robinson Jeffers' 'Credo' -
I humbler have found in my blood 
bred west of Caucasus a harder mysticism.    

I'm a hard mystic, Lange.  I don't know squat about the true underlying existence of reality.  Give me coffee stains on teeth, salty tears when listening to Karen Carpenter, the always illicit rush of mounting stairs behind a woman's fanny.

Someone to listen while I try to remember how to breathe.  Flesh and bone it out, Lange. Give it two days and respond; that time'll save you from reacting, which is what most of the population does.

I'm listening.


  1. can't remember the last time I waited as eagerly for notification of an update.

  2. A hard mysticism... hmmmm... I wonder if harder means with flesh welded more securely to the soul and spirit?

  3. Thanks, Winn...I hope you are well.

  4. Vern, could be...I'll ask Ruess about it...

  5. Here.
    And listening.

    Fleshing and boning it out...

  6. Thanks, Ann...I'm trying to listen as well...

  7. Anonymous9:36 AM

    You know, my brother, we don't wonder nearly enough about what the words mean that fall from the heart of a person. We're all too damn confident with what we think we know.

    You seem to be an honest man crying out in the wilderness, John.

    Give me that ...

    - Laure

  8. My friend in Colorado has powers and magic...

    John, this is the thick stuff.

  9. Anonymous11:24 AM

    i had to look up the word "anima". it was very interesting to see the etymology. the roots having meanings like, breath, wind, he breathes, to breathe...also translated as "soul".

    a mystery beneath the surface.
    your story has me serching for a glass bottomed boat.

  10. Laure, yes, too busy for 'wonder'...a shame it what it is...

    I'm waving from down the hill...hope you are well.

  11. Seth, thanks for wading through the thick...and being a friend from afar...

  12. n. davis,

    Thanks for taking the time to look up a're better than the average bear! And for taking the time to comment...gracias.

  13. Someone to listen while I try to remember how to breathe.

    good glory man, those words should be in a movie.