What is this?

He tramped along the shore of Galilee and spied Simon and his brother Andrew casting their fishing net into the sea. Jesus yelled: C’mon! There’s more than this.

Just like that, Simon and Andrew dropped what they were doing and ran after Jesus.

Jesus tramped a little farther downshore and spied Zebedee’s sons – James and John – in their father’s fishing boat. They were all caught up in the usual - mending broken nets. Jesus called out to them with the same words he spoke to Simon and Andrew. Just like that, Zebedee lost his sons on that day. Jesus and his words unraveled James and John from the life they had known.

Now there were five. They tramped into Capernaum, straight to the synagogue. Jesus’ words began overshadowing the usual blather. He didn’t ask anyone if he could start teaching, he just did it, like he belonged. People couldn’t believe their ears. It was beautiful.

Just like that, a haunted man started screaming: What are you, Jesus of Nazareth? You’re going to wreck everything, aren’t you? I know – you’re the One!

Jesus roared No more! Leave him, now!

The evil didn’t leave quietly, but it left.

People couldn’t believe their eyes, couldn’t help but ask What is this? This is different. He was stronger than the darkness. Just like that everyone around Galilee was talking about Jesus.

Mark 1.16-28
Two things - 
1. Again, any words or phrases that spoke to you/surprised you?
2. I'm going to try, try mind you, to paraphrase the entire gospel of Mark.  My intent is to post on Mondays and Thursdays...the gospel according to Mark according to John.


  1. "Jesus’ words began overshadowing the usual blather."

    Love it, I hate when I blather...

  2. "unraveling".

    Both terrifying and so very amazing at the same time.

    Sometimes I forget that I'm supposed to be unraveled. I try too hard to glue the ends back together.