Jesus and the f-word

After a few days it was heard he was at home in Capernaum.  And the people came.  So many showed up at his door there was simply no room to move.  But Jesus’ words reached their ears.

Four men carrying a crippled man were hemmed in the crowd.  They couldn’t even get close to Jesus.  But these men were shrewd, so they tore away some of the roof and roped the crippled man down to where Jesus was.

This kind of faith got Jesus’ attention.  He spoke to the crippled man: Son, your sins are forgiven.

Some religious thinkers were sewn in the crowd.  They heard these words and started chittering What?  Profanity!  Only God forgives sins.       
Just like that Jesus turned and shushed them: I can hear you.  You’re narrowing this - either heal a man’s life or heal a man’s legs?  Watch.  The Son of Man can do both.  Jesus’ eyes returned to the crippled man: Get up, son.  You can walk home now.

Just like that the man stood on flawless legs.  His joy parted the crowd and he walked home.  It was beautiful.  Everyone started gushing over God: This is something different…

Mark 2.1-12
The word “offensive” rings through these verses.  First of all, the presence of the cripple, a word that means “offensive.”  And then Jesus used the f-word (forgiveness)which completely offended the religious thinkers.  And I couldn’t quite decide on a good word or phrase to describe these scholars or religious professionals.  Any suggestions??  I didn’t feel I could get away with narrow-minded-scripture-nazis. 


  1. How about: Pat Robertson?

  2. Tunnel-visioned?

    Rather-be-"right"-than-happies? (Happies are kind of like hippies but different.)

  3. maybe "religion dictators"

  4. lol, sorry that's my daughter,this is Stephanie. when I saw her pic it gave me a fright!