Tiny Bubbles

I was trying to find a traffic report yesterday morning on the radio, so I paused at each station where someone was talking instead of singing. One of my "stops" held an interview with some lady who was touting a christian diet plan. Don't ask me the difference between a christian diet plan and a non-christian diet plan. Anyway, she made the remark that since she's been dieting like a christian, now she feels better, thinks more clearly, and her skin has an elasticity not seen since her youth. And she's more peppy.

She said, "I believe people see me and want what I have." (I couldn't; this was radio). The interviewer agreed with her: "Oh, I know! Since I've been doing it, I'm almost an annoyance to my co-workers, I'm so bubbly." (I bet her co-workers would love a chance at the mike). They had a little bubbly christian pep rally for a moment and then proclaimed (in unison) that too many christians are not-bubbly and their witness suffers for it. If the world that's going to hell on the light rail could just see more thin, bubbly christians, then they would turn from their wicked ways.

I read just a moment ago this phrase from the psalmist, chapter 88: I have become like one who has no strength...my sight has failed me because of trouble...ever since my youth, I have been wretched and at the point of death...and darkness is my only companion. If King David would have just had a christian diet plan, he wouldn't have had to write all those psalms, our bibles would be considerably thinner, trees would be saved, and...

Some folks are very bothered with Christopher Hitchen's "militant atheism." Yesterday, in the midst of an icy morning commute, I was very bothered with "thin, bubbly christians." Not bothered to the point of calling-in via cell phone and ranting on the radio or beating the steering wheel and shouting non-bubbly words in the privacy of my car; no, just quietly bothered in soul, like one who has no strength. I don't want to burst anyone's bubble.


  1. I wonder what a bubbly Job would have been like...

    "At least I've lost 10 pounds! Praise God!"

    Or the writer of Lamentations?

    I better stop now.

  2. Well...Paul was pretty bubbly from prison, all things considered. But I'm willing to bet his skin wasn't as luminous and shiny as it could've been. Dang...and here I thought contentment regardless of the circumstances was the key. Better chalk another one up to those bubbly Christians...