The Sweet Return (14)


I birthed a baby today, sorta, but you know that. The umbilicus was cut and now its in the care of others. Will they find it pretty? Ugly? Smart? Slow? What kind of score will it receive on the Apgar test? My work is not over by any means, but I've got to welcome the eyes and ears and thoughts of others now. Feeding the lake...

Thank you for the gift of being able to hear a group of rascals called The Rend Collective on the noon hour, their thick Irish tongues witnessing to the enduring nature of love. Lord, you know that most worship music, for me, has all the thrill of a salad. But these boys served up a dark and rich draft with a head on stuck to my bones. Bless 'em, I pray.

And for my friend, Lord, you know the one...give him grace.


  1. Anonymous10:13 PM

    checkin in...
    it's been awhile.

  2. Love The Rend Collective! Your ale metaphor is perfect—they're like a bar band singing about Jesus...

  3. I'm reading 'Tinkers'. So far it's a great book, and, as always, your recommendations come through.

  4. Anonymous12:08 PM

    checking out
    God bless