To my Valentine, 2011

I seriously considered a night at the Broadmoor
just you and me and room service
but then that vacuum went out
and lord knows with that darn Beagle
the Dyson was a must
and then tires and shocks and struts had
to happen for that minivan 'cause even
though we got Farmers (bum bum bum bum bum bum)
people drive nuts these days
and then that movie he wanted his friends
to see for his birthday only showing
in 3-D which everyone knows is code
for 'that'll be a few dollars more, sucka'
so hell, I guess luxury'll have to wait.
Besides, you hate chocolate
and silk boxers, especially
red ones, make me nervous -
still I did dream of walking
with you around that majestic duck pond
lit only by the moon and quiet.


  1. Now there's some romance with testosterone.
    And you in red silk boxers makes ME nervous too brother.
    But I do wish you too,
    A walk around a quiet duck pond,
    Even if it's the kitchen sink.

  2. The Broadmoor is nice, but I'd choose the everyday stuff of this beautiful life with you over that ANY day. Love you! -M