Our Brief Affair...


Could you feel my eyes on you? I want to say yes,
that you knew all along I was watching.

I cannot know for certain though, you never said a word,
not once. Good, that would've ruined it.

You blushed that first time, just enough to stand out.
You blushed the time after that too, but it was more, blushier,

then without shame you moved beyond blush to blood,
as if driven, accelerated into ordained flame,

lithe arms riddled with guiltless scarlet letters. I had to break
the silence, you were simply too much.

I drew close enough to whisper - ravishingly valiant...
please, at least tell me your name?

Winter's wind broke the spell, whistled acer, acer rubrum,
and you began to weep, one tear at a time.



  1. I found myself holding my breath until the end. I love it!

  2. Really, really captivating.