Letters for dad-o...

Her third grade spelling list for the week includes
the words dance, wreck, fancy, and tremble.
She already knows how to spell them,
she'll ace Friday's test, 'no prob, dad-o.'
Still, we'll review them, just to be sure.
As she reels off d-a-n-c-e
I see a boy who will one day soon
take heart and ask her to inhabit this word.
Maybe he'll grow on me, I doubt it.
W-r-e-c-k will be the letters soaked in tears
as she explains 'I swerved to miss the dog, dad-o,
but I'm o.k.'
Thank God and Jesus.
I'm no prophet but my gut tells me
she'll want the f-a-n-c-y wedding dress,
her easy days of hoodies and jeans faded
like weekly spelling lists.

Still, just to be sure, we review these omens.
I try my best not to let her see me t-r-e-m-b-l-e.


  1. Yeah, when I'm "daddio" I know I've not been voted off her island.

  2. How can only a string of words do this, make me hurt with time and love?

    What you do here is no small thing.

  3. B-l-e-s-s-i-n-g

  4. My little boys call my father Dadd-o. It's short for Daddio, a name Amber gave pops almost 10 years ago. He was so dubbed mostly because he's laid back and cool, and because if pomade were still in style he'd Dapper Dan his Indian black hair and roll a hard pack of cigarettes up in a white tee.

    Dadd-os are good people, I think. My boys think so.

    Ditt-o Ann.

  5. Oh, she'll want the f-a-n-c-y dress all right, but she'll also want you to walk beside her the first few minutes she wears it.

  6. I hear you, Vern...hope you are well!

  7. Ann, thanks very much for your words.

  8. Tim,

  9. Seth, maybe you and I could stage a pomade comeback, whaddaya think? There's nothing like laid back and cool...

  10. Carpool Queen,
    You can bet your p-a-t-o-o-t-i-e I'll gladly walk by her side...