Gratitude Beyond Words

for Mom

Flannery said its alright to stare,
a direct challenge to the way my mother saw things.
Did Anna Katherine Taylor ever imagine
she could bear a writer, that she had it in her?
Oh, a doctor maybe if she was lucky,
or of course a minister is always nice.
I float outside her dreams now,
corded by O'Connor, Updike,
Harrison, Dillard.
Annie says to write like you're dying.
All of this and more is possible
only because of my mother's love.


  1. Write like your dieing.....
    Love this.

  2. As mother, as poet, I weep.
    Thank you for the access to holy tears.

  3. How can I comment after sweet Sallie?

    I always come away from The Shame thinking, refreshed, or a combination of the two.