Daughter of Thunder...

- for Abbey

I just noticed the lone freckle on the top of your hand.
Where did that come from?
You, our family’s southpaw,
were practicing your cursive letters
telling me you were good at all of them,
everything but zzzs.

So we drilled, you and me –

Where did that freckle come from?
You have a zigzagged zillion of them beneath your third born eyes.
Maybe you sneezed one day, one moment,
when I was a zombie to the divinity that is you,
and when you reached to wipe your button nose
with the back of your hand
a zealous freckle decided to change zip codes.

Maybe that’s what happened.

Or maybe that’s just me
torn by your gorgeous childhood zinging by
for I know some day, some moment,
some Zeus, more godlike than me, will call out
Follow Me! and in your zest you’ll drop our cursived nets
and I’ll be left like Zebedee of old,
alone on Zion’s shores, zero, zilch,
mending memories of freckles and zzzs.


  1. Oh, those moments when our eyes are opened and we really see what's in front of us. They don't happen often enough, but you've captured it beautifully here. Thank you.

  2. Beautiful as usual.
    I too am thrown when I see a new freckle on one of my girls, It's like how did I miss that or how long has that been there?

  3. When you write about the everyday stuff of family that isn't really so "everyday" when you think about it? I think that's when I like your writing best.

    Not that you asked. But you did leave this little empty box here.

  4. Long days, perhaps, but ever so short go the years.

    Thank you for helping me to pause and give thanks for the little things. And for moments.

  5. Jenni,

    Thanks for your words and stopping by.

  6. O Mom,

    Yeah, those freckles just keeping growing up...I appreciate the fact that you comment just about every day...really, I do.

  7. Whimzie,

    You words have clarity in them...for me, they do...thank you...clarity is always good, huh?

  8. Gretchen,

    Welcome back, traveler! To live the long and short of it...that's the challenge, isn't it? That's the beauty too.