Giving Out Wings...

Thanks to everyone who entered the Dirty Shame Autumnal Equinox Giveaway. Here are the winners:
  1. John Santic
  2. Andrew
  3. ForHisGlory
  4. Kari Kounkel
  5. Sheila
  6. Jennifer
  7. Sande
  8. Juli
  9. Ginger@From The Cocoon
  10. Emily
My email address is  If you'll send the name and mailing address of the person you would like to gift with a copy of Touching Wonder, I'll sign and send it on.  Don't forget - if you'd like me to indicate who the book is from, I'm happy to do that; if not, I won't.  

For each of you that entered, the fact there was someone you were thinking about, maybe even two or three someones, tells me you have people in your life you care about - a.k.a., friends.  And no man or woman, no, not one, is a failure who has friends. 


  1. John, I'm so excited that I won!! Woo hoo!! Emailing you the info!

  2. I like your concluding statement (:

  3. you're a man of your word, John. i like that.

    your friends' friends are in for a real treat.

    your friend up the hill ...

  4. Wow. Blessed to be a blessing.

  5. ps. you have amazing handwriting

  6. tacked on that last sentence so the rest of us losers wouldn't feel like..."losers".

    But...since you're quoting one of my favorite movies...I'll let you off the hook. Thanks for the chance, and I hope this is an annual event. Get busy on the next one, will ya?

  7. I pray God will use this mightily in the life of many - thank you again for blessing many and congrats to all who won!

  8. Yay! Thanks John! I'm still deciding who I want to send it to. I'll let you know soon!

  9. Recount? goodness me, I'm feeling a bit like Al Gore.

    Being able to read it has been a gift within itself.

    you can believe this, the result of this draw will not prevent many of my friends from receiving this book for Christmas this year.

    They'll be getting it early though so they can read before hand to help get into the Spirit for an even Happier Christmas.

    Not only that, each of them is signed John at the end of each chapter! LOL

    Bless ya, Gary

  10. John..........thank you so much for this giveaway! I received the book in the mail today! Your signing was an extra special treat! I am so excited to give this to my hubby for Christmas! Thank you again!!!