Life's Whisper

"Friday's child is full of woe..."

Lord, why is snow white?

Why do you ask?

Oh, I don't know exactly. I'm just sitting here watching it fall and wondered what snow would be like if it was, say, red.

Red? Really?

I realize that kinda ruins the "whiter than snow" thing, but it was just a thought. The other night, as you well know, we watched Charlton Heston's staff turn the waters blood-red. What would folks do if something like that happened today, to the snow?

John, you do remember what today is?

Yes. It's been ten years, right?

A thousand years is as a day to me, so it feels like just yesterday. Whatever snow white innocence remained in public schools turned red that day, blood-red.

I read where someone from Princeton called it "the iconic shooting."

That may be the most profane thing I've heard in a long time.

(a moment of silence)

Lord, thank you for bringing Joel and Jude's baby safely here last night.

Oh, Ava? Yes, she's beautiful, still so fresh from me...a newborn baby's cry is my staff stuck in the blood-red waters of this world's hurt and pain. It's not cinematic, DeMillesque drama, but soft, gentle, sometimes hidden, almost common to some. Life's whisper against death's howl.

Lord, red snow was just a thought. I'm glad snow is white. It's a good contrast.

Contrast? Yes. I like that. Sometimes a multitude being covered leads to forgetfulness. I want you to "zakar" - remember.

(a moment of silence)


  1. I was almost "in the midst" that day... I was a director of a learning center at the time with an apt. with a teacher...they called to re-schedule just hours before it all began...I will never forget. Talk about knowing God had His hand on me. Why not all the others? A question that still haunts me occasionally.

    Our middle child's birthday is on the fated day a few years following. He was 3 weeks early. In a strange way, it was almost a gift; a redemption of life.