What's Up

The four of you who read this blog may have been wondering what's up. Well, what's up is our home computer has a sickness, possibly unto death. She, our Macbook, nicknamed little whitey, is essentially in the ICU. A hard-drive transplant may be necessary. So, until then, which we hope is a time in the very near future, please be patient. Just know there are hordes of posts running through my noggin', clamoring to be given to Blogger's light of day.

You've probably been glued to the Olympics anyway. I know we have.


  1. Hoping to hear from you and Mer soon.

  2. We've been enjoying the Phelps-a-thon, too. :)

  3. Sweet Jeebus, get it fixed already!

  4. ...evidently I'm the 4th person! :-)

    ...so where's the new Mac?

    ...looking forward to more of your mind and heart

  5. Guess what! You have more than four readers! I just didn't reply because I thought you wouldn't see it anyway....

    I REALLY miss your blog!