Playing With Fire

The real question becomes the meter, the dispensation, the burning of one's days, and - always the trickiest part - the balancing of passion and intellect, logic and intuition, emotion and strategy. No wonder so few, if any, ever make it all the way to the top.
- Rick Bass, Why I Came West

Night's burn ban is lifted and
the wick is lit in the East once more.
So begins the flame.

The real question becomes
the burning of one's days.
Playing with fire.

It will rage without me,
but a woodman's tricks can make it brighter, hotter.
Dry wood. Room to breathe. Patience.

A roaring will occur mid-day,
and then the gradual douse.
Ember-stars are his promise in the sky.

You will burn again.


  1. "Ember-stars are his promise in the sky..."


  2. Yeah! What Gretchen said!