My Woman, My Woman, My Wife

[with all due respect to Marty Robbins]

For Meredith -

Hands that are strong but wrinkled,
Doing work that never gets done.
Hair, that's gained even more beauty,
By time in the Colorado sun.
Eyes, that show some disappointment;
And there's been quite a lot in her life!
She is the best friend I lean on,
My woman, my woman, my wife.

Lately the days have been uphill;
We climb but we can't reach the top.
Though weak and sometimes discouraged,
She says "keep going" when I want to stop.
Lips, that are weary but tender,
With love, that strengthens my life,
A saint, in fleece and blue denim;
My woman, my woman, my wife.

Three little babies were born in our days,
She's mothered them as no one else could ;
On days when they think they can't do it,
My woman's faith tells them they should.

When she reaches that river...
Lord, you know what she's worth;
She's a diamond,
She always has been.
Lord, I'd be less than a man,
Without her by my side,
My woman, my woman, my wife,
My woman, my woman, my wife...

Happy Mothers Day, Mer

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