Tell them...

Tell them the things that you have seen and heard.
That the blind can see and the lame can walk;
that the deaf can hear and the lepers are cleansed;
and the poor have heard the good news;
that the dead have come back to life


I have a good friend who couldn't quite see what the future held; blind, if you will. But this week a job offer came in and he's taking it and excited about it. It will mean moving somewhere closer to home. He sees the Lord's hand in this.

Another friend has been trying to get custody of his boys for a long time. He's been lame without them, hobbled, couldn't walk the true walk of a father. Something happened last week and he's now got custody for a pre-determined time and most folks are telling him, "If you've got 'em for that long, you've got 'em." He's walking tall, casting a close shadow on his sons.

Yet another has been trying desperately to listen for the Spirit in relation to job/work issues. Just yesterday he heard boatloads of affirmation from his peers and their sincere desires to make sure he stays around. His time and effort and loyalty to the company have not been in vain. It's as if the scales fell from his ears.

Still another has been working with metaphorical lepers lately, people on the outside due to their "conditions." He's been involved in the cleansing process. It's an ongoing thing, but there has been some clean-up. It's still a long journey for them, but he's wants to see them clean. Slowly, the sores are going away.

And I know some people who felt like their efforts lately have led to nothing but death. Maybe not flat-line death, but definitely close. But a couple of days in the sunshine last week and their hearts have been renewed and they've partnered with an up and coming voice who brings life to people with his message. There's a good pulse there now.

And me? the poor have heard the good news.

Tell them the things that you have seen and heard.

O.k., Lord. I did.

Now go,
Go in peace.
Go and let your light shine

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  1. How wonderful and encouraging! Thanks for sharing the message.