Stopping In

"There are cars and trucks parked outside the Dirty Shame when I go past - mostly trucks - and it looks warm and inviting, a glow in the night woods." -Rick Bass, Winter

Such is the initial description of the saloon Bass finds in the Yaak Valley of Northwestern Montana. It's a place where the hermits and recluses come in occasionally to re-member themselves among the larger family of humanity. I find myself somewhat of a hermit these days, doing a lot of writing and editing in my basement, alone, unkempt and content. However, I feel I need a place to stop in every once in a while from the solitary cold. Hopefully the words and thoughts here will be warm and inviting; if I'm lucky, maybe even "a glow in the night woods."


  1. John. You are a writer. A good writer. And one worth reading. And I am glad there is somewhere those writings can land. And be heard. Write on brother. And keeping eating honey and locust.

  2. Pounce9:33 PM

    Although in touch w/reality - lately I’ve been a bit outta touch with myself. You scare me, but in a good way. I’ve only read small bits of you, somehow though it rings familiarity. Therefore, I’m on a manhunt (bad choice of words); I’m on a journey to reconnect with my lost Montana Gypsy Soul. Here’s to hoping it’s a prosperous crossing.

    I’m intrigued by your stories as much as I am dazzled by your storytelling abilities – my *creature of habit* design insists I start at the beginning.

    This is the beginning, right?

  3. Pounce,

    Its a crooked little path, but yes, this is the beginning...I guess. 'Montana Gypsy Soul'?, that phrase stirs something deep within.

    I'm on a journey as well...grace for your crossing...sometimes the water is merciless...

  4. Pounce11:52 PM

    note 2 self: bring LifeVest!